Electricity bill can be reduced through a solar energy system. But how does it work, its designs, and what is the cost? These are some of the essential things to carefully consider.

But no worries now! Houston Solar Tour is here to bring a variety of solar solutions for your solar energy system needs. We offer renewable energy solutions that you shouldn’t missed covering commercial installations, residential projects and solar thermal hot water.

The 2015 12th Annual Houston Solar Tour is a self-guided tour that offers visitors the opportunity to learn about solar energy systems, energy efficiency and sustainable building technologies by visiting residences and businesses in the Houston area that use these technologies in real world applications.

How to Take the Tour

The Houston Solar Tour is a self-guided driving tour.  We encourage you to look over the Tour project site locations online, carpool with a few friends, and begin visiting the projects that interest you starting at 9 am.  Tour sites are open from 9 am to 1 pm. Here is the link to the Tour Project Site Locations.

Real Solutions for Real People

The Solar Tour’s mission is to raise awareness of solar energy and provide an opportunity for the public to see solar systems in action. The organizers, made up of Houston’s dedicated green leadership, seek to inspire individuals to make sustainable energy choices.   We can all benefit from lower utility costs, energy independence, and protection from power outages and reduced carbon emissions. Solar energy systems highlighted during the tour include both active and passive solar systems. The Houston Solar Tour is part of the national initiative of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and other groups with the objective of promoting renewable energy and energy independence.

Solar Tour Partners

The Houston Solar Tour is made possible by the efforts of the dedicated Organizing Committee and Team Members, as well as, the Houston Solar Tour partners.  Our partners are essential to the success of the tour.