Solar Power System- Is it Worth the Switch?


As more people are becoming more aware and concerned of global warming, efforts of conserving energy has become proliferate up to the residential level. It’s long been known that harnessing power from the sun or solar power to produce electricity is one of the best way to conserve and lower pollution. You don’t have to burn coal and emit carbon dioxide just to light up a bulb in your home.

Despite of the efforts in promoting solar energy, it seems that it’s still having a hard time in winning the hearts of consumers. Others doesn’t even know that solar power is possible or that it can be used to generate electricity but what is solar energy really and how does it work?

Solar Energy System

This system uses three main components: solar panel, inverter, and net meter.

Solar panel- these are the cells that are being installed in an open space. The most common choice is a house’s roof as it can catch most of the sun’s light. This positioning also avoids encountering any obstacles and shading from nearby trees or houses as well. It is important that each cell is able to catch sunlight because even though just one out 30 solar panel is being shaded, it can reduce the energy being stored by half. Some panels are being installed in an angle where it will be able to maximize the sun’s energy. Also, some panels are installed in a pivoting platform that allows the solar panels to “follow” the sun as it moves along the skies.

Inverter- this is where the magic of solar power happens. Inverters convert the solar energy (DC) into 120- volt (AC) electricity that can be hooked up directly to a circuit breaker in your home’s electrical box. When set up properly, solar power will be the first one to be used for your electrical needs and put your usual electrical utility line to rest. If your solar power system is able to produce more energy than the actual power that you need, the meter of your electric utility system will decrease.

Net Meter- this component is the one deciding which kind of electricity it will supply for you to use. Over time, your electricity will be low as net meter will always prioritize using solar energy when powering up your home.


Solar power system can be considered as a long- term investment. Not only it lowers your electricity bill but it can also be a cure to our aching mother Earth. It only requires a one- time payment for the equipment upon installation, but after that, your energy will be free of charge.

Also, having a solar power system doesn’t need any land permits or bigger space as it can be and normally installed in your roof. This system is also silent so you don’t have to worry about noises when your system is operating.

Having your own solar power system is perfect if you’re living in remote location where electrical utility grid is not available and most importantly, it helps our environment. It doesn’t emit any harmful chemicals and it doesn’t pollute anything.


Investing in solar panels and the whole system is quite expensive and companies that are offering solar power services are not that many compared to companies that supports the usual electrical utilities. Also, solar panels are not able to harness energy from sun 24/7 especially is there’s a storm in your area. Lastly, if the pollution in your area is quite high, expect your solar power system to be affected.

Using solar energy system might look that it’s a big leap of faith but its advantages really outweighs its cons and it will benefit you more in the long run.